New Cardiovascular and Thoracic Journal Launched

New Cardiovascular and Thoracic Journal Launched

A new open access journal for surgeons and medical professionals called Cardiovascular and Thoracic Open (CTO) was launched by the independent and academic publisher SAGE. The journal, which is already available, is described as an international, open access, peer-reviewed publication featuring global research on cardiovascular and thoracic medicine.

SAGE announced that the CTO journal will publish scientific investigation that may interest medical professionals in the fields, while it is expected to become a platform that easily disseminates oval research and insight to cardiovascular and thoracic surgeons, cardiologists, as well as allied health care professionals all over the world. In addition, the publisher expects it to be an international forum, when topics such as cardiovascular and thoracic diagnoses and treatment are debated and discussed.

“The field of cardiovascular and thoracic disease is one that continues to develop with medical advances,” explained the editor A. Sampath Kumar of Pushpanjali Crosslay Hospital, India. “This new journal will provide a pivotal platform for the global discussion of both its diagnosis and treatment. With SAGE’s ever expanding medical portfolio and its vast international connections we are excited to see the impact that this journal will have on global debates and development.”

Cardiovascular and Thoracic Open is an exciting launch for us at SAGE. Since our founding, 50 years ago, SAGE has developed an extensive and leading medical portfolio and with CTO we are aiming to provide an innovative OA forum in which to support the development of and the engagement with this impactful area of medical research. We look forward to working with the coveted editorial board and to seeing the global development of the journal and research field,” added the editorial director at SAGE, Karen Phillips during the launch of the journal that will be powered globally by HighWire.

In the 1960s, Sara Miller McCune created SAGE with the purpose of helping to promote and distribute usable knowledge and education globally. 50 years later, the publisher includes over 800 journals, releases more than 800 new books every year, in a wide span of areas, and holds an increasing library products, including archives, data, case studies, conference highlights and video.

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